Piano Gloves!

Learning piano can be overwhelming for young students. Their is so much to learn and to understand. But with piano gloves the process of learning and teaching the basics becomes as easy as 1,2,3. These gloves allow students to visibly see on their fingers the number of their finger as well as the notes they are playing. It allows students to visibly see where each exact finger goes on the piano. 

With this tool I have had great success. It has allowed my students to have a better understanding of finger numbers and piano keys.  I have been able to get students playing a few simple songs in no time! It has allowed students enjoy learning the piano without frustration. 


How do the piano gloves work?

first place the gloves on to a students hands, have them put the finger number buttons on to the buttons. Your thumb is #1 pointer finger #2 Middle finger #3 Ring Finger #4 and pinky #5. Do this for both hands. 

After you do this you can choose some songs from our website that just use finger numbers. With our easy songs and great method of learning you will be a pianist in no time!

Once you feel that you have a good understanding of finger numbers switch the numbers out for note names. By doing this you are now understanding piano key names instead of just finger numbers. 

You can find songs with just the note names also on our website.

 once you have these two concepts down of finger numbers and piano key names learning the notes on the music staff is the last piece of the puzzle! 


Piano Gloves are a must have for any beginner piano student or piano teacher. You will see the joy and happiness in your students as they will want to learn more and more on the piano with their amazing piano gloves!!

Find some great simple songs for your amazing pair of piano gloves!

Get your pair of piano gloves today!

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