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Practicing piano is a must but by having a great practice sheet to know what a student has practiced, how much time they put in during the week and what questions they may have had during their practicing. With this information , teachers and parents will gain a better understanding what needs to be taught and what questions a student may have. 

Below is a phenomanal  piano practice sheet that will help bring your students practicing to the next level! 

Piano Practice sheet for young beginners 


Piano Practice sheet intermediate students


Piano Practice sheets advance students


Learn Piano The Fun and Easy Way With Piano Gloves

Learning piano can be overwhelming for young students. Their is so much to learn and to understand. But with piano gloves the process of learning and teaching the basics becomes as easy as 1,2,3. These gloves allow students to visibly see on their fingers the number of their finger as well as the notes they are playing. It allows students to visibly see where each exact finger goes on the piano. 

With this tool I have had great success. It has allowed my students to have a better understanding of finger numbers and piano keys.  I have been able to get students playing a few simple songs in no time! It has allowed students enjoy learning the piano without frustration. 


How do the piano gloves work?

first place the gloves on to a students hands, have them put the finger number buttons on to the buttons. Your thumb is #1 pointer finger #2 Middle finger #3 Ring Finger #4 and pinky #5. Do this for both hands. 

After you do this you can choose some songs from our website that just use finger numbers. With our easy songs and great method of learning you will be a pianist in no time!

Once you feel that you have a good understanding of finger numbers switch the numbers out for note names. By doing this you are now understanding piano key names instead of just finger numbers. 

You can find songs with just the note names also on our website.

 once you have these two concepts down of finger numbers and piano key names learning the notes on the music staff is the last piece of the puzzle! 


Piano Gloves are a must have for any beginner piano student or piano teacher. You will see the joy and happiness in your students as they will want to learn more and more on the piano with their amazing piano gloves!!

Find some great simple songs for your amazing pair of piano gloves!

Get your pair of piano gloves today!

Music Lessons With Play-Doh!

Ever thought of using Play - Doh in your music lessons? Well let me tell you, it works wonders! Using play-doh will give you a true hands on experience of learning notes and rhythms. I believe  this is a great way to help students! Instead of just having students repeat over and over again what notes are or what certain rhythms or symbols are have them use their hands and create it with play-doh!


Have students Create music rhythms:

  • Treble Clef
  • Bass Clef
  • Repeat Sign
  • Coda
  • Double Bar Line
  • First and second endings


Tell them you want to write out a particular type of rhythm such as a eighth note, half note, or whole note.


Clap out a rhythm and have them create it with the Play- Doh


Or tell them to write find particular notes on the staff!


As you can see, play-doh can be just as much fun if not more fun in music lessons. It has so much potential for a students education and the ideas of using it are endless!

Don't miss out on the fun and get your play-Doh TODAY!


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Piano Success With Roll Up Pianos !

A fun way to teach piano lessons is through a roll up piano. A roll up piano is easy to pack in your bag and bring to every lesson. Young students really seem to love the roll up piano since it is different then a regular piano and keyboard. Students also love the different sound effects it can create. It is a clever way to get students off the bench but still have them focus on piano.

A great tool if you want to play a duet, have two roll up pianos and play one while your student plays the other. It also can be a great tool for having larger group piano lessons and if you are on a budget!

A must have for every piano teachers tool box!


Make Piano Lessons Fun With a Floor Piano

Having trouble with your younger piano students sitting down at the piano for a full lesson? Problem Solved! I have been using a floor piano for quite some time  to help get students up and moving and playing piano with there feet and hands . There are a variety of activities that you can do with a floor piano. I like to use bean bags that have letter names on them and have students match the letter name bean bags with the notes on the piano. 

You could even play simple games like simon says in having finding the correct notes with there feet. You can even hold the students lesson book and have the student play their song with their feet.

Another fun activity that you could attempt is a twister type game, where students have to use their hands and feet to find the notes on the piano.

This is a great interactive way for students to become more involved in understanding music and the piano then just looking at the keys at the piano for a half hour. Keep young students active and motivated will also help your lessons be more successful.

Floor pianos will truly bring your piano lessons to the next level. Your students will be asking for it every time you have a lesson!

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MUSIC MONEY MONEY MONEY! Incentives for music lessons!
Music Lesson Money

Incentives to practice are nice tools to use especially for younger students. It is like setting a small goal to achieve an item and success at there playing. Using music money is a way to motivate students to earn enough money to receive a prize. Students earn money through there hard work and as the teacher you set the price for the items they can receive. 

I believe this method is very successful and it puts good traits into your student. By giving your students the mindset  of hard work pays off. The harder your students work the more they can possibly make.

It is important for you and your student to sign or stamp the back of each dollar. This will help stop them from duplicating the money they earned, it will also help stop  stealing to occur from relatives who both have piano lessons.

Make your life simple and save some time by purchasing a pdf copy of music money without the watermark 

For more fun and exciting ideas during piano class check out musicforlittlelearners.com 

Teaching the piano to a beginner student can be a very overwhelming experience. But with these 5 tips of success, your new student will be excited they will just want to keep practicing and practicing!

5 Tips for First Piano Lesson Success

1. Get to know your student, building trust with your student is one of the most important aspects of piano lessons. When you build trust with your student they will respect you and follow your instruction.


2. Show them the pattern of black keys on the piano. Showing yours student that the piano is not as overwhelming as it appears will help them not be as stressed about the piano. Teach your students how there are patterns of 2 and 3 black keys up and down the piano.  Show them the difference between high pitches and low pitches. These basic concepts should help them gain some of the basics understanding of music and the piano. 

Black Keys

3. Learn a basic song that they know by ear. Teach your student a simple song such as twinkle twinkle little star, or Mary had a little lamb. Or if you feel so determined teach them a basic pop song such as "Let it Go". 

4. Show them a fun music game. Getting your new student away from the piano and working on some basic music theory through games will show them another fun aspect of piano lessons. You can find many fun and simple music and piano related games on pinterest, or pianogameclub.com. Or you can possibly show them some fun piano apps if they are more tech savvy.

5. Reward student for their hard work. Rewarding students for staying focus and attention during your lesson can be a critical aspect of your lesson. What has worked for me is using music money, when students receive so much music money for their hard work and practice students may receive a small prize or reward for their efforts.

Music Money

For more fun and exciting ideas during piano class check out musicforlittlelearners.com 


Bring A Friend To Piano Lessons! 

I must say what can be more fun for a student then bringing a friend to their favorite piano class. Students always love when I do this because they get to show off to there friend what they have been learning in piano. They get to see what they have accomplished and how much fun piano lessons can be!

When doing bring a friend to piano lessons day the idea is to make it fun, just like every other lesson. You want to learn about your students friend that they brought to class and possibly meet their parents to if they came over. 

After you get to know your students friend, start the lesson with your student playing a song that he may have done at a pass recital or a piece he / she just enjoys playing. The friend will see how well accomplished there friend truly is at piano!

What I like to do next is have the friend come sit up on the piano with your student and have your student teach their friend a couple of the basics on the piano. They could show them the notes on the piano, how to sit at the piano, where to place your fingers or maybe even have your student teach them a simple song like twinkle twinkle little star or Mary had a little lamb.

The best way to end the lesson is with a fun music game. A game that you can possibly get away from the piano but still work on music theory. games such as these are a good brain break for students so they don't get burned out during the lesson. It will also show the friend that piano class is fun and exciting! What other class do you get to play fun games like you do in piano class?!

From doing these exercises your student will be gaining a better understanding of their knowledge on piano as well as getting the satisfaction of teaching a friend. Also, you will see if your students friend is truly interested in possibly taking up piano lessons! If so, you may have a new student!

For more fun and exciting ideas during piano class check out musicforlittlelearners.com