Bring A Friend To Piano Lessons!

Bring A Friend To Piano Lessons!

Teach Piano lessons by bringing a friend to piano lessons!

I must say what can be more fun for a student then bringing a friend to their favorite piano class. Students always love when I do this because they get to show off to there friend what they have been learning in piano. They get to see what they have accomplished and how much fun piano lessons can be!

When doing bring a friend to piano lessons day the idea is to make it fun, just like every other lesson. You want to learn about your students friend that they brought to class and possibly meet their parents to if they came over. 

After you get to know your students friend, start the lesson with your student playing a song that he may have done at a pass recital or a piece he / she just enjoys playing. The friend will see how well accomplished there friend truly is at piano!

What I like to do next is have the friend come sit up on the piano with your student and have your student teach their friend a couple of the basics on the piano. They could show them the notes on the piano, how to sit at the piano, where to place your fingers or maybe even have your student teach them a simple song like twinkle twinkle little star or Mary had a little lamb.

The best way to end the lesson is with a fun music game. A game that you can possibly get away from the piano but still work on music theory. games such as these are a good brain break for students so they don't get burned out during the lesson. It will also show the friend that piano class is fun and exciting! What other class do you get to play fun games like you do in piano class?!

From doing these exercises your student will be gaining a better understanding of their knowledge on piano as well as getting the satisfaction of teaching a friend. Also, you will see if your students friend is truly interested in possibly taking up piano lessons! If so, you may have a new student!

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teach piano lessons by bringing a friend to piano lessons!

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