DIY Music Around the World Recital

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Ever thought of having a themed recital? No better way to start then music around the world. Music around the world is a very simple theme to put together since it falls under so many songs!

What you will need: 


Flag Banners                                                                          Table Cloths





Flag Toothpicks                                                                  Flag Whirls 


Table Runner                                                         Welcome Banner 


Songs to play:

 Have students play pieces that come from all over the world. Have them play pieces from Germany, England, United States, Ireland, Mexico. By Having a variety of songs from all over the world it will help you audience feel as if they are going on a tour through out the world.


How to set up

If possible, have a projector in the back of your student and have it project a scene or place  from where the piece is from. This will bring a visual experience to your students and audience. When a particular student is done have the scene change to your next students location of where their piece is from. This will  truly bring your recital to the next level of awesomeness! 

Have Flag Banners if possible hang across the auditorium or on the walls. A simple but effective way for you parents to understand the theme


Foods to serve
Add Flag toothpicks to your snacks to give it another music around the world feel.
Cook or have your students bring a dish from their culture. 
Other Ideas
Have a group of musicians play a couple songs before and after the recital that can give the recital a more worldly feel. It will also give your students a chance to hear and see professional musicians.
Polka Band
Bluegrass Band
Mariachi Band
Irish Folk
Steel Drum Band


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