5 Ways to Structure You Piano Lessons For Success!

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Piano Lesson Structure

A piano lesson can be very successful or non successful all pending on the way you structure it. Planning your lesson for success is the name of the game. The more you plan and the better that you are prepared the more successful you lesson will be. Below are 5 ways to help you structure you lesson so that your students come away with everything you want them to learn!

1. The best way to start any lesson is with warming up. You want to have you warm up there fingers by possibly playing some scales, chords, rhythmic patterns or a slow ballad or chorale on the piano. By doing this, your students will get there fingers moving and in the correct mindset for piano class. 

2. Review materials from last week. Here how they are playing the piece that you gave them last week to practice, see how far they have come and what areas need improvement. By doing this next you will hear and see what next needs to be accomplished. For example, if your student is getting all the notes correct but not the rhythm  then maybe for the rest of the lesson you may want to spend more time on rhythm. 

3. With your piano lesson structure, add a fun exciting element of playing away from the bench. Have some games prepared that may help your student with rhythm or melody or pitch, whichever area that might be giving them trouble. By doing this the lesson will be more entertaining and beneficial. The student will have more fun as you are reinforcing the music theory they need to know in a different way. The best place to find musical games is on pinterest, and at pianogameclub.com

4. After playing a fun exciting musical game, you may want to head back to the piano and let your student know what you have in store for them next week. Possibly give them a new piece with different concepts or have them repeat certain aspects of last weeks piece if you feel that it is necessary.

5. The end of the lesson is the most crucial part. You must review what you have learned this week as well as what you have planned for next week. This may not seem like an important aspect but for the mind it is crucial. You are bringing back the new ideas they have just learned. You are also making sure they understood the concepts you taught them and lastly you will see that they have taken something more out of the lesson then just playing notes on a page.

For more fun and exciting ideas during piano class check out musicforlittlelearners.com  

Piano Lesson Structure


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