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Piano Lesson apps

Apps are truly a powerful tool in just about every field of study, especially in piano lessons. Apps have such great ability to enhance our understanding and to complete tasks that before seem difficult. Below are a list of apps that I use with my piano lessons that I have found much success and luck at using in helping to create more successful piano students.

Garage Band 

Garage band is a great tool to let your students compose and create. It is an easy app to work with and allows your students to think outside of the box.


NotateMe NowNotateme Now App

Notate Me Now is another great app that you can use for composing and creativity with your students. The great feature about this app is that you can write the notes with your finger and the app will put it into standard notation. 


Flash Note Derby

Flash Note Derby App

Flash Note Derby is a great app that brings learning music notes into a different light. it is more of a game then just your basic flash cards. It simulates a horse race  with the learning of the music notes. Another great out of the box idea to get students to start reading piano music. 

Musicnotes Deck

Musicnotes Decks App

This is more of a basic app with your basic note flash cards. You can do bass clef, treble clef and also symbol flashcards. Great for more mature or advanced students!

Piano Maestro

This is truly one of my favorite apps, a great tool for teaching beginner students and it has the ability to share there songs with friend and family and also keep data on student progress. This app is similar to guitar hero in a way that it can recognize the notes you play even on an acoustic instrument. It gives you a grad for each piece and it allows you to start learning very quickly and easily. A true must have for any piano teach who teaches young piano students.

 These are just a few of the many helpful apps that are out there. If you have any more apps that you think would help to the list please let use know!

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