5 Tips for First Piano Lesson Success

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How to teach piano lessons to beginners!

Teaching the piano to a beginner student can be a very overwhelming experience. But with these 5 tips of success, your new student will be excited they will just want to keep practicing and practicing!

1. Get to know your student, building trust with your student is one of the most important aspects of piano lessons. When you build trust with your student they will respect you and follow your instruction.


2. Show them the pattern of black keys on the piano. Showing yours student that the piano is not as overwhelming as it appears will help them not be as stressed about the piano. Teach your students how there are patterns of 2 and 3 black keys up and down the piano.  Show them the difference between high pitches and low pitches. These basic concepts should help them gain some of the basics understanding of music and the piano. 

Black Keys

3. Learn a basic song that they know by ear. Teach your student a simple song such as twinkle twinkle little star, or Mary had a little lamb. Or if you feel so determined teach them a basic pop song such as "Let it Go". 

4. Show them a fun music game. Getting your new student away from the piano and working on some basic music theory through games will show them another fun aspect of piano lessons. You can find many fun and simple music and piano related games on pinterest, or pianogameclub.com. Or you can possibly show them some fun piano apps if they are more tech savvy.

5. Reward student for their hard work. Rewarding students for staying focus and attention during your lesson can be a critical aspect of your lesson. What has worked for me is using music money, when students receive so much music money for their hard work and practice students may receive a small prize or reward for their efforts.

Music Money

For more fun and exciting ideas during piano class check out musicforlittlelearners.com 


How to teach piano lessons to beginners 


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