How are Piano Lessons Cross Curricular?

How are Piano Lessons Cross Curricular?

Piano has the ability to be cross curricular through a variety of subjects. Everyday school subjects such as math, science, reading, writing, language arts and even history. Piano lessons have the ability to portray all of these areas and create even better and more successful students. Because of these facts students will have the ability to see these subject areas in a different perspective.

How Are Piano Lessons Math?

Math is a core part of piano lessons, you can see math within the music time signature or just within the rhythm  of the notes. For example the length of each note is can be seen as math as well. The distance be between notes such as intervals is a strong portion of math as well.


Music In Math

How Are Piano Lessons Science?

Piano lessons has a variety of science behind it. The way that the music is created, to how the sound travels. 

Music in science

How Are Piano Lessons Reading

Piano lessons has many aspects of reading. Reading the notes on the staff, to understanding the terms temp. Another aspect of reading can even be the lyrics that the song may have. From all of these aspects there is a great amount of reading that is involved when it comes to playing the piano

How Are Piano Lessons Writing?

Writing is another crucial aspect of playing piano. composing music is a way a musician writes. Another way is through lyrics. you could have students compose lyrics to a piece of music to help them be creative as well as work on their writing.

Music Writing

How Are Piano Lessons Language Arts?

Music comes from all over the world. Each country may write music with the same notation but they some times use different terms for tempo or the way they want the music to be played. 

Music In Language arts

How Are Piano Lessons History?

Piano music comes from a variety of time periods. Because of history, composers had a variety of reasons on the way they wrote their music as well as the types of music.


As seen above it can be seen that piano lessons has the ability to teach all subject matters to students. That is why piano lessons can be a great benefit for students and there understanding of all subjects. 

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