Help Students Stop Looking at Their Hands and Start Looking at the Music

Posted by Matthew Ramel on

Beginning students can definitely can get in to the bad habit of looking at there fingers every note they play. I know first hand I did myself as a kid. This can definitely be a bad habit to break especially if no one corrects it. There are a variety of ways to solve this problem, but I have had much success with just a piece of paper. 

I don't just hold a piece of paper over a students hands and tell them to play, I make it FUN! What better way to fix a bad habit then making it fun and not even realizing your breaking it! 

What I do with that single piece of paper is fold the two sides of the paper so that they can easily slide in between the keys. then I have the student put their hand underneath the paper so that they can see there hand. But instead of just having a blank piece of paper on a students hands you can have your student color it or design it any way they want. Even make it a score board on so they can keep track how many times they get a certain part right!

If you don't have the time you can always check out Music for Little Learners model to cover you hands and just print a copy!

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