Fun Themes for a Music Recital

Giving a musical recital a theme can be a very fun exciting experience that allows students see how music can be incorporated outside the music class. How music surrounds us in everything that we say or do. Below are a list of ideas that can be used to create an amazing musical experience for teachers parents and students! 

By having these themed recital not only is it fun, but it helps students have a great time and it allows them to become more relaxed when it is there turn to play their piece for the audience.

World Theme Music Piano Recital

World Theme Recital

A world theme recital is a fun exciting way of incorporating world music and culture. It helps students realize that there are different type of music from all over the world. There are a variety of decor that can go along with this theme as well as a variety of songs for students to choose from. For this type of recital we had a polka band come and play for our students. It really helped living the recital and made it more upbeat and fun. It brought the whole theme together by having true world music play! 

Country Theme Music Piano Recital


Country Recital 

This is a great theme to bring the wild west to life! have students dress up like cowboys. allow them to create their own cowboy hats and have them play their piece with there homemade hat on. Easy to make and purchase themed decor to give it a sense of the real west. Have students play country theme songs to create the theme come to life!  


Disney Theme Music Piano Recital

Disney Theme Recital

What student or child wouldn't love a Disney Theme Recital! So many songs to choose from beauty and the beast, The Little Mermaid or even Frozen! Create the Cinderella castle as the background to bring the disney experience to life!  you can create disney theme treats to go along with this recital as well. 

African Safari Theme Music Piano Recital

African Safari Recital

Travel to another world on an African Safari. Have students play African themed songs or songs that relate to African animals such as elephants giraffes or even lions. Create African style dishes and treats for after the recital. You can also get the audience involved by having them sing african songs or play rhythmic chants with hand drums! 

Movie Theme Music Piano Recital

Movie Theme Recital

This is a really fun theme to put together. Make a red carpet for students to walk on and have their picture taken on it. treat your students like VIP Celebrities that are the musicians to a new movie that just came out. While each student plays their piece have a power point of an image of what movie the song is from. It will help create the theme even more realistic. You can even award your students with a oscar type trophies for all the hard work that they put in to the recital. 

Summer Beach Party Music Piano Recital

Summer Beach Party Recital 

This could be a great themed recital summer or even winter, when you wish it was summer! You can have beach balls a towel and umbrella next to the piano or stage to give it a more realistic feel of summer. have students make their own sunglasses to wear as they play their piece. And for that extra flare have a projector in back of the stage with a video of a beach with the waves rolling in on a loop so it looks as if you were playing at the beach!

There are also a lot of fun summer snack you can create for after the recital.


Magical Theme Music Piano Recital

Magical Recital

This Type of recital can be taken in a variety of ways. You could create a harry potter theme type of recital where you can have your students dress up with capes and wands.  Or, have a magician come and entertain before and after the recital. 

Pirate Theme Music Piano Recital

Pirates Theme Recital

A pirates theme could be much fun! there are a variety of nautical songs that you can choose from. Students can dress up as pirates and create there own eye patch or parrot to put on their shoulder. 

1940's Theme Music Piano Recital

1940's Theme

Have your students dress up in 40's outfits and have them play old songs from back in the days of the 1940's . Have them play songs related to world war 2 this would be a fun theme to bring back to life. For your background you could have a picture of an old jazz band or some old world war 2 style airplanes. 

1950's Theme Music Piano Recital

1950's Theme 

Relive the 50's and play old classics that everybody loves. Have your girl students dress up in poodle skirts and the boys dressed up in jeans a white shirt and a leather jacket. This will sure help you get on the good side of the grandparents in the audience. for the background you could create a jukebox for the student to stand and play by. 

1980's Theme Music Piano Recital

1980's Recital Theme

Have the retro theme of the 80's come back to life. You could have your students play video game themes or even some Michael Jackson! 


Pop Recital

Let students play some popular songs of todays day in age. Your students will truly love this type of recital they will want to practice hard to play the songs they know and love!

Patriotic Theme Music Piano Recital

Patriotic Recital

This is a great theme for a summer recital in July or around Memorial day. There are a great amount of patriotic tunes for students to choose from. Have everyone come dressed in red white and blue! Have everyone bring an patriotic treat to share with everyone else! At the end of the evening you can have students watch fireworks or possibly play with sparklers.

Venetian Ball Music Piano Recital

Venetian Ball

This could be a lot of fun if you had a lot of room for a recital or if you held it at a large house. Students could set up in different rooms and play a hand full of classical songs while the parents can listen to different students at different times. While the students are playing parents and other students not playing can be dancing with their homemade venetian masks and beautiful outfits and dresses on!

Circus Theme Music Piano Recital

Circus Theme

have students play circus themed pieces or have them play pieces related to circus animals! You can introduce each student as if they are entering the circus arena as the next greatest act on earth!

Outer Space Theme Music Piano Recital

Outer Space

Create and outer space theme type music recital. Have each of your students create and name their own planet. each student can play a piece of music that is from their planet that they created. You can have your students draw their planet and have them give you facts about their planet and post it on a projector as they play their piece.

Fantasy Theme Music Piano Recital

Fantasy Theme

Have your students play music that relates to fairytales. each piece can tell the story of common known fairytales. you could even have your students create their own fairytale story and have them compose their own music to go along with it as some one reads their fairy tail.

Garden Theme Music Piano Recital

Garden Theme Recital

Have a recital outside on a beautiful day. Go to a garden and play beautiful music with the birds and nature. Some great places this could be done is a ta arboretum or a botanic garden. A great place to take beautiful pictures while your students play.


Hawaiian Theme Music Piano Recital


Hawaiian Theme 

Create your own Hawaiian lou out. Have your students dress in Hawaiian shirt and tropical themed dresses as they play their musical pieces. After everyone has performed have a big lou out to celebrate their success!


Short Skits Recital

Have groups of students create short story skits. During the skit each student will play their piece of music that goes along with the story of the short skit! Very fun and entertaining for the students and parents!

Mystery Theme Music Piano Recital

Mystery Theme Recital

Have a code or a secret mission the students and parents have to figure out during the recital. Maybe they have to listen to certain clues  that are given or names of pieces or particular sounds in the recital to figure out the musical mystery.

Music Under the stars Piano Recital

Under the Stars Recital 

In a large size yard create a musical under the stars night of playing music. You can have  christmas lights hanging from the trees to help give that starry effect as students play their pieces. If you want to go all out have your students music line up to moving lights in the yard as they play for their audience.

Glow In the Dark Music Piano Recital

Glow in the dark Recital

Have your students wear glow stick and glow in the dark gear and play their piece of music. A really cool effect to see as each person plays their piece. It also helps students picture what the piece is about and not just watching the person playing.

Music Piano Recital Broadway Theme

Broadway Hits Theme Recital

Have your students play broadway hit songs and let them dress up like the character they would be on the broadway stage. 


Music Piano Recital Picnic

Picnic in the park recital.

Have everyone bring a picnic basket with their lunch or dinner and listen to the amazing music that is played by your students as they enjoy their lunch or dinner on a picnic blanket.

Music Piano Recital Tea Party

Tea Party

Throw a french style tea party for your guests and students. Fancy Hats and white gloves for your students to wear as they listen and play so they can be all sophisticated with their tea. 


Overall the goal of every recital is to allow every student to have a good time in performing their ability to others. By making it a fun time with these themes, students and parents will tell their friends and family which will then in return help your music studio grow and become more known and successful!

For more great ideas visit the music for little learners blog!

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