Easy Steps to Teach Piano Lessons for Beginners

Easy Steps to Teach Piano Lessons for Beginners

Teaching beginner students can be a scary and difficult task. Where do you start? What do you teach them first? These are the questions that we will be answering in the blog post.

Where to start.

It's always good to find out a little bit about your beginner student. Talk about what they like to do, what other hobbies and interests do they have. Not only will you be bonding with your new student you will be able to find out what they already know musically and how you can relate their interest and knowledge to what you want to teach them. 

For a beginners first lesson teaching them a song even if it is by wrote is a good step in the right direction. This will make the student feel successful in accomplishing a piece on the piano.

Once your beginner student has a grasp on the song you taught them adding music gloves would be the next step in teaching your student the understanding of music notes and fingering. This is a great tool that will help students to visually see the name of the notes on there fingers and how they relate to the piano. 

The next step after your beginner student understands piano note names and fingering, is understanding where the notes lye on the grand staff. I have had much success with the grand staff mats and tokens. This is another great hands on tool for students to place the notes on the staff. 

For a complete lesson materials for beginners, check out our beginner piano kit!

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For more fun and exciting ideas during piano class check out musicforlittlelearners.com 


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