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Piano kit

Playing the piano as a beginner student can be an overwhelming feeling. So many keys and so much to learn on an instrument that is usually larger then beginner students. But with this piano kit, it has all the basic tools to help those overwhelming fears disappear. It gives beginner students great and unique tools to learn music and piano. As we know there is truly no better feeling then seeing a student successfully  learn and enjoy the beauty of music and the piano! With this kit you will be able to give your students the basic knowledge and understanding of piano and music in a fun easy way. Students will be asking about your kit every time you teach. Check out to see what this great beginner piano kit all includes!
There are 35 lessons that cover the fundamentals of how to read music and play the piano. There are five unique elements that make teaching piano fun. You get: 
Music Staff Mats
3. 3 song cards: Mary had a Little Lamb/Row Row Row your Boat/This Old Man
4. Scale cards to teach the first six scales CGDAEB with square tiles ABCDEFG and F#,C#,G#,D#,A#, as well as 12345 tile for learning fingering.
5. Foam music symbols and line cards. Symbols included - Bass Clef, Treble Clef, 4 quarter notes, 2 half notes, 1 whole note, 2 bar lines, 1 brace,
With all these great useful piano tools, students will be succeeding and being able to play piano in no time! To check this Beginner Piano Kit out even more, Click Here to make piano lessons more fun!


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