Piano Teachers Supplies Checklist For Teaching!

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Do you ever question yourself as a teacher thinking to yourself do I have everything for my lesson? Am I prepared? Below I made a checklist of items that you should make sure you bring to every lesson young and old.

1. Smile.

A smile is a must have to help students know that you are in a good mood and that you can't wait to have a wonderful lesson with them. It will help put your students at ease and relaxed so that are not nervous when they play what they practiced.

2. Pencil

A pencil is a must have, to help students mark their music as well as to write things down and what to practice. A true must have!

3. Metronome. 


A metronome even though students may hate it, it will truly help them to become better musicians that can play their music in time. Help students play their music to a steady tempo, so when they play with more then one person they can keep time!

4. Flash Cards

Flash cards are a great tool that will help students keep working on understanding music notes on the staff and on the piano. I enjoy using this piano memory flash card game. A quick easy game that will have your students learning quickly and having fun!

5. Music Activity

I try to bring another game or activity that students can play away from the piano. This will help reinforce possibly some music theory. Besides sitting and listening at a piano for 30 mins can be a frustrating and difficult feat. 

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6. Ipad / Tablet


If you have a tablet you can download other great activities for students to play at the end of the lesson with only a couple mins left. It is also a great tool to help students be assessed 

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7. Music Money

I love handing out music money to my students to help have an incentive to practice and work hard through the week. With the  music money they earn your students can receive prizes. 

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