3 Easy Successful Ways To Learn Piano Keys

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There are a variety of ways to learn piano keys, but below are 3 ways that seem to most efficient an successful when it comes to learning the piano. 

1.Match and find

5 Ways To Learn Piano Keys

One of the most common ways to start out by learning the piano keys is by matching them to a sheet that has the piano keys with the notes.

This is a good starting point for older students or adult students. It is a quick and easy guide on where to look and see which note is which. For younger students it may be a little more difficult for them to understand this concept of seeing the notes in a picture and finding them on the piano.

2.Music Gloves and Buttons. 

This method is great for young beginning piano students. Students are able to put on a pair of gloves that have the letter names of the notes or the finger numbers. All they then need is a little direction on to where to set there hand. The nice part about these gloves is that you can change what finger and what note or number with much ease. It definitely allows student to have a more visual understanding of where each note is.

3.Piano Maestro

Piano Maestro

Piano Maestro is a more tech savvy way of learning the basics of music and to help learn the piano keys. They have tutorial videos and a great lessons to learn notes one at a time. A great free app that can be found for the iPad.

These are some of the great and most effective ways to learn the basics of the key on the piano.

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