Piano Lessons for Young Beginners

Piano Lessons for Young Beginners

Teaching younger students may seem intimidating at first, knowing that they can be all over the place mentally and physically. But keeping these key factors in mind when it comes to piano lessons for beginners will make you feel and be more successful in teaching your lesson.


Structure is a very important part when it comes to young beginner piano students. These students truly need a set path on how the lesson is going to work. This will help the student realize where there are in the lesson and what is going to happen next. For more information on piano lesson structure, check out our other great blog post 5 Ways to Structure You Piano Lessons For Success!

Keep it simple

Make your lesson plans and ideas simple. By over complicating a lesson it may not always work on into your favor. By breaking concepts and ideas apart to the bare bones, young beginner students will be able to grasp concepts much easier compared to complicating ideas with big words or metaphors.

Get away from the piano

By getting away from the piano, and working on music in a different aspect such as in a game or worksheet will help the student see music in a different light. It will allow them to understand different concepts of music and will later on be able to apply them to their piano playing. This aspect of the lesson I believe is essential for young beginner students considering most students can not patiently sit down in one spot and focus on one thing for a half hour.

Have Incentives

I believe that by having incentives for your students hard work is a great way to help student growth and engagement. It also helps the student understand the fact that the more hard work and effort they put into a task the more then can get out of it. I like to use Music Money which is a fun incentive for students to earn. Students earn Music Money for their hard work and then turn in so much of their money for prizes earned.


Keep Parents Informed

Keeping your parents informed on student progress is an important aspect of teaching. By showing the parents what your student has learned is a great benefit to your students success. By doing this hopefully the parent will go home and help your student with there piano practicing. 

For more fun and exciting ideas during piano class check out musicforlittlelearners.com 



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