Learn Piano Notes With This Easy Piano Note Key Template

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Piano Key Template

Learning piano notes can be very overwhelming especially for beginner students. The fact that there is so many keys it can be hard to take it all in for a young beginning students. To help with this learning of piano notes I have created a great cut out worksheet for your students to help them get a better understanding of the piano notes and keys. 

Piano Key Template

In this piano key template, you will see 10 different templates of the piano keys. A blank template,  one with the letter names, another with the note names and finally one with letter names and note names for bass and treble clef. From trying them with younger students I have had great success! Students place each note where it belongs on the piano which helps enforce the understanding of letter names and note names.

Piano Key Template

A great way that I use my piano key template is by laminating each key so that it will last longer and students can possibly mark the blank piano keys with a erasable marker with the correct letter name. This will help you see which notes they know and which ones they still need to work on.

Piano Key Template

This is truly a great interactive hands on way for students to place notes on the piano and for them to understand where each note goes and what that note is.

Instead of making these templates yourself check out our piano key template PDF that includes all 10  templates.  A blank template, one with letter names  another with just music notes and one with letter and notes for bass and treble clef.  

For more fun and exciting ideas during piano class check out musicforlittlelearners.com 

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