5 Fun Innovative Ways For Students to Learn Piano Notes

5 Fun Innovative Ways For Students to Learn Piano Notes

Have you ever wondered why a student just doesn't understand what you are saying when it comes to learning piano notes? They look at you like your crazy and are out of your mind. Below are 5 innovative ways to help your students to learn piano notes with more ease.

Piano Maestro

1.Piano Maestro is a fun exciting app that truly brings music to life. This app is a fun interactive way of learning piano note one by one. It comes with great tutorial videos and wonderful exercises with background music tracks. This app is also a great way to see student growth and has the ability to email parents student progress. Piano Maestro will keep your students engaged and begging to learn more!  

2. Piano note cut outs are a fun interactive way for students to learn where the note keys go. Students will cut the notes out of the sheet and place them on the piano. It is almost like a puzzle with the piano that allows students to see where each note goes. These cut outs have a variety of choices from just letter names to music notes to both on each key.  These pieces fit on most pianos and can sit there while a student plays a song so they can line up the notes on the music page to the notes on the keys.

3. Piano Gloves is another innovative way for students to learn piano notes. These gloves come with a variety of little buttons with letter names and finger numbers that can be placed on each finger of the glove. It allows students to feel snazzy with their fancy piano gloves and it allows them to visually see what note  they are playing. 

Flash Note derby

4.Flash Note Derby is another fun app for students that are learning piano notes on the staff. It gives you the ability to choose what notes you want to focus on the staff and learn them through a fun game. your student will race to find the right note and letter name. The faster they succeed the more points they will earn. 

5.Grand Staff Mat and Tokens is a interactive way to get students away from the piano keys and to learn the notes on the grand staff. Students will place tokens that represents a particular note on the staff.

For more fun and exciting ideas during piano class check out musicforlittlelearners.com 


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