Social Emotional Learning and Music Lessons!

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Sometimes a students day just comes down to them working hard at school and taking test after test till the results are where they should be. But when this happens, we forget the true person behind the tests and data. We forget that they are just as human as you and me. Our students are more then just a number and we are there to teach them more then just notes on a page. We are there to help make them the best person they can be physically mentally and emotionally through music. This is why social emotional learning is a great factor when it comes to piano lessons.

What is social emotional learning?

social emotional learning is the process of managing emotions, and developing a sense of caring a concern for others. It allows for students to make responsible decisions and to help handle difficult situations. because of social emotional learning student engagement in learning should increase and will also allow for prevention of behavior problems.

How  does music relate to Social emotional learning.

  • Music as an emotional stimulus
  • Music as an aesthetic experience
  • Music for relaxation and imagery
  • Music making as a form of self-expression Music making as a form of group experience

Activities to create social emotional learning in a music lesson

  • Improvisation
  • Ensemble playing/singing
  • Identifying emotions in music
  • Musical phrasing

When all is said and done, a students social emotional learning is an important part of there educational, physical and mental growth. It is important for us a piano teachers to allow for this emotional growth to grow and prosper with in our lessons to let our students become who they truly are as people.




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