Lions and Tigers And Tension Oh MY!

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With young musicians it is common to find medical problems related to music class. These problems can occur for a variety of reasons in all different areas from band, orchestra, choir and piano.

What causes unhealthy problems when performing music?

There then be a variety of unhealthy problems that can occur if not fixed properly.

  • Overusing any body parts with any instrument or voice.

This can be done to a young student without even realizing it. For example using there hands for baseball practice and clarinet practice and band rehearsal. Overuse of body parts can possibly cause damage.

  • improper posture while playing,
  • Improper instrument technic

What type of medical problems can occur?

  • Muscle Strain
  • Tendinitis 

What Symptoms may occur for a music related problem?

Pain ; also weakness, tightness, fatigue, warmth, stiffness, tenderness, ache, heaviness, cramping

Varies in nature and how it’s manifested and perceived by the musician

Numbness, or tingling

How to Fix these problems,

Consult a health professional, especially one that is knowledgable with musician needs in mind. A physical examine may be very important upon diagnosis.

Basics of treatments

First, recognize that a problem exists and seek some kind of help for it; don’t ignore or deny

Second, try to recognize the cause
Primary treatment is rest – varying degree and duration.

If need to practice practice for 25 minutes and rest for 5 minutes.

The goal is to retrain your body to the proper technique so that unhealthy habits do not happen again while playing.

For mor information you can go to

William J. Dawson, M.D. and his information on 

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