Make Piano Lessons Fun With a Floor Piano

Make Piano Lessons Fun With a Floor Piano

Having trouble with your younger piano students sitting down at the piano for a full lesson? Problem Solved! I have been using a floor piano for quite some time  to help get students up and moving and playing piano with there feet and hands . There are a variety of activities that you can do with a floor piano. I like to use bean bags that have letter names on them and have students match the letter name bean bags with the notes on the piano. 

You could even play simple games like simon says in having finding the correct notes with there feet. You can even hold the students lesson book and have the student play their song with their feet.

Another fun activity that you could attempt is a twister type game, where students have to use their hands and feet to find the notes on the piano.

This is a great interactive way for students to become more involved in understanding music and the piano then just looking at the keys at the piano for a half hour. Keep young students active and motivated will also help your lessons be more successful.

Floor pianos will truly bring your piano lessons to the next level. Your students will be asking for it every time you have a lesson!

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