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Teaching Right Piano Technique Today Can Save You Major Headaches Later

Technique is a very important aspect of playing any instrument. By having good technique difficult tasks can become easy, and by having bad technique those difficult task may feel impossible.

When looking at piano technique the first place to start is body posture. By having good body posture your body will be in a more relaxed state as well as not have any tension in your body or hands. Having any tension in your body or fingers can be unhealthy physically and musically. 


To help beginning piano students with hand position, relating it to something they know that has curved fingers or hands can really help. For example, relating fingers to a cat and how they have claws that curve can be a great way to get beginning students the proper technique. By giving them this idea in there head such as this will allow them to have a better understanding of what you would like them to do in a way they can understand.

Now that your students have good hand technique, it is important to take that technique one step further. By getting proper technique for each individual finger. For young beginning students finger technique will be the most difficult. Since these students are still developing there fine motor skills. By doing individual finger exercises and games can really help student growth and success.

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