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beginner piano

what can be more exciting then beginner piano! Seeing these new students to start playing the piano for the first time and watching them grow into little music prodigies. But, at the same time beginner piano can be a little overwhelming for a beginner. Not knowing were to start what to do and just taking it all in. So much to learn, note names, rhythms, finger numbers, these concepts can be confusing to a beginner student. 

I know that it took me some time as a beginner piano student to understand all these concepts. But now as a teacher, teaching these same concepts to my students I have found some fun and innovative ways to make this process much easier and more fun! 

Piano Gloves: These are a great tool to help students understand which finger is which number. It truly has come in handy with my students in understanding just this basic concept. Piano gloves are little buttons that are velcro on to the glove. you can take the buttons off with ease and have your students put them back on to see if they truly understand which finger is which number.  Also comes with Letters for when students start working on note names.

Finger Rhythm Hopscotch: This game is another great tool that I use to help students understand their finger numbers and basic rhythms. A great game that your students will be asking for every time! In this game you get to work on the two concepts of rhythm and finger numbers!


Piano Mat and Tokens: this is a great tool to help students become more hands on to finding the notes on the staff. 

These are just some of the many great tools and resources that can be use for beginner piano. For more fun great ideas check out musicforlittlelearners.com


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