piano lessons, the fun way!

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Piano lessons can sometimes feel like a drag, especially when you have to play a song over and over again not knowing what you have to work on. If piano lessons are done right they can be fun exciting and addicting. A great love and passion can come from piano lessons if you can get your self or student excited and passionate. What better way to do that then teaching them in new and exciting ways! 

Below are two fun exciting games that can be used in piano lessons! these games are great for beginner students to advance students. These games get you away from the piano bench and thinking about more then just the notes on the page and the keys on the piano. These games help students reinforce concepts that can be applied on the piano in a more exciting way then just repetition. 

Finger Rhythm Hopscotch is a fun exciting game to help beginner students understanding finger numbers and rhythms.

Treble Maker is a fun game for intermediate and advance students. It is a never ending game of fun. A game that can be played at the end of a piano lesson with a couple of minutes to spare.

With these types of piano games and tools. Piano lessons will have a new meaning and purpose. A more fun way that students or your self will be begging to play over and over!

For more more fun and exciting games you can check out musicforlittlelearners.com. They provide a variety of music related games that help with private lessons group lessons or music class.


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