Treble Maker The Never-ending game of musical fun!

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This game is a great game for the end of a class or lesson. It is a fun intense game that gets students thinking about their music knowledge. See what your students remember and what they may have to work on. 

Here are the treble maker rules!

Treble Maker

Objective : To collect as many cards before time runs out.

step 1: set the time for how long you want to play.

Step 2: Player one chooses a card from the deck, and answers the question that is on the card.

Step 3: If player one gets the question correct they keep the card. If they get the answer incorrect they put the card back in the deck.

Step 4: Player 2 repeats steps 2 and 3.


If a player picks a card that says treble maker, they must then put all the cards that they have collected back in the deck. And the game continues to the next player.


Winner: Whoever has the most cards when the time runs out is the winner of Treble Maker.

In this deck it comes with 6 treble maker cards, and 2 octaves of treble and bass clef. More treble maker extension packs are on the way!
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