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Band Instrument Transposition chart and Tuning

Knowing  instrument transposition is very important for conductors and instrumentalist by understanding an instruments key you will be able to know what notes they are playing. below are two great documents to help you gain a better understand of instrument transposition.  you can click on either document to get a free pdf for yourself! Click Here to get your FREE PDF Copy of the Transposition chart Click Here to get your FREE PDF COPY of Instrument Tuning

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Fun Themes for a Music Recital

Giving a musical recital a theme can be a very fun exciting experience that allows students see how music can be incorporated outside the music class. How music surrounds us in everything that we say or do. Below are a list of ideas that can be used to create an amazing musical experience for teachers parents and students!  By having these themed recital not only is it fun, but it helps students have a great time and it allows them to become more relaxed when it is there turn to play their piece for the audience. World Theme Recital A world theme recital is a fun exciting way of incorporating world music and culture. It helps students realize that there are...

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Piano Practice Sheets

Practicing piano is a must but by having a great practice sheet to know what a student has practiced, how much time they put in during the week and what questions they may have had during their practicing. With this information , teachers and parents will gain a better understanding what needs to be taught and what questions a student may have.  Below is a phenomanal  piano practice sheet that will help bring your students practicing to the next level!  Piano Practice sheet for young beginners    Piano Practice sheet intermediate students   Piano Practice sheets advance students  

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Learn Piano The Fun and Easy Way With Piano Gloves

Learning piano can be overwhelming for young students. Their is so much to learn and to understand. But with piano gloves the process of learning and teaching the basics becomes as easy as 1,2,3. These gloves allow students to visibly see on their fingers the number of their finger as well as the notes they are playing. It allows students to visibly see where each exact finger goes on the piano.  With this tool I have had great success. It has allowed my students to have a better understanding of finger numbers and piano keys.  I have been able to get students playing a few simple songs in no time! It has allowed students enjoy learning the piano without frustration.   ...

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Piano Key Matching Game A Must Have Game For Every Piano Teacher!!!

A really fun matching game to help learn piano keys and notes on the staff. It is a great tool to help students in a fun exciting way. I have had much success using this app with students and it has really helped them with their piano skills. How to play:1. On the menu page choose your deck of cards2. The cards will be shuffled and be put out one by one3. choose two cardsthe two cards will flip. If they are a match the cards will disappear.If the cards are not a match they will flip back over.4. repeat steps 1-3 till all the cards are gone.Decks to choose from:1.Treble Clef Staff and Piano Keys 1 Octave2. Bass Clef Staff...

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