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Top 5 Music Classroom Rule Ideas

Classroom management is important in any subject. They help keep your classroom fun and safe for all who participate. Below are 5 fun and creative ideas for implementing rules that apply to the music class room. Check them out!                   check out our other great blog posts as well as our music shop at Music For Little Learners

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Solfege Flashcards

Have fun teaching students solfege challenge them and see if they can put their knowledge to the test by using solfege flashcards. This is a great activity that will help your students gain a better understanding of solfege symbols. Get your free Solfege flashcards below!  Get your FREE Copy of Solfege flashcards!    

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Music Note Acronyms

Reading Music Notes is a very important when it comes to learning the basics of music. If you do not know the notes that you are playing then you will not know what will be happening in the music. This is no different then knowing the words in a book. If you do not know or understand the words you will not be able to understand and read the story. Below are 3 FREE Worksheets to help students learn basic acronyms to help remember musical notes. The Last page is a Worksheet that allows students to create their own acronym to remember the notes on the musical staff. Click Here To get your Free Copy of the Worksheet above!   Click...

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3 FREE Pdf Music Theory Worksheets for general music class and music lessons!

Below are three great music theory worksheets that are fun and a great tool to help assess your students understanding. These worksheets are great for any student learning any instrument or just learning general music.     The First Worksheet is a great helper to see what symbols and notes students know the name of.  Click here to get your FREE Music Theory Matching Worksheet. A basic worksheet to help evaluate a students knowledge and understanding of counting basic rhythms. Click here to get your FREE Music Theory Rhythm Worksheet. A great easy to follow worksheet for students to test their knowledge on instrument types. Click Here to get your Types of Instruments worksheet.    

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Music Rhythm Coloring Sheets

These Rhythm coloring worksheets are a fun way to help students understand basic music rhythmic symbols such as quarter half and whole notes. below are a variety of free coloring worksheets. great for beginner music class or young beginner piano! Drum Rhythm Coloring Worksheet       Cat Rhythm Coloring Sheet     Dragon Rhythm Coloring Worksheet       Rhythm Coloring Worksheet     Fairy Rhythm Coloring Worksheet     Airplane Rhythm Coloring Worksheet   Submarine Rhythm Coloring Worksheet   Ship Rhythm Coloring Worksheet   Helicopter Rhythm Coloring Worksheet   Truck Rhythm Coloring Worksheet     Hot Air Balloon Rhythm Coloring Worksheet   Caterpillar Rhythm Coloring Worksheet     Rainbow Rhythm Coloring Worksheet     Duck Rhythm Coloring Worksheet  ...

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