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How to Clean and Maintain your Flute

Click here to get your Free PDF copy of this blogpost! Cleaning and Flute Maintenance Method 1 1. Unscrew the pieces gently. In order to take apart your flute, gently unscrew the head-joint and foot-joint from the body of the flute. This should be done carefully. Be sure not to touch the keys or keypads because these can easily be damaged. The oils on your skin can deteriorate the pads quicker then intended. 2. Clean your flute after each use. Before you put away and store your flute, it is important that you remove the moisture from inside. If left uncleaned, your flute will not only begin to smell, but it will also tarnish on the inside. As a result, you should...

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Flute Fingering Flashcards

Flute Fingering Flashcards are a fun great tool to help flute students put their knowledge to the test to see if they know their notes. With these flashcards I either have my students see if they can just shout out the note name or show me the fingering. For another version I show them the note and have them play the note on their flute. Below your FREE COPY of Flute Note Flashcards   FREE PDF COPY of Flute Note Flashcards Check out our great music shop as well as our other flute resources 

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Flute Trill Fingering Chart

This flute trill fingering chart is a great tool to use to find the most efficient way to trill from note to note. covers a wide range of notes. Below is an image of the flute trill fingering chart and below is a link to download a FREE copy for yourself! FREE PDF copy of Flute Trill Fingering Chart

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